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The garage as it stands now, still a load to do.
Once again an addition to my Bosch 12v family. A small angle grinder and it is small. I bought this to use with a flap disc for removing the rust on the motorhome tow bar before respraying. But today (29.03.21) I used it as I was down my aunts again putting some wire gridding over the bottom of her gates. This little baby made light work of the cutting. Very handy and very quick compared to cutting by hand.

From Amazon HERE

I noticed it was on a deal of the day and snagged it for £78.99, bonus.
When it was windy the other day I looked at the shed roof and the wind was still raising the felt even after what they had done. So this afternoon in this lovely weather I decided to do something. I bought some 12mm OSB from B&Q and decided to try plan B, I cut the sheet into strips using the new small trimsaw. It flew through it and was really quiet and light to use. Sweeeet. Marked the strips out and cut again then screwed them to the underneath of the roof, this was the only place I could think of the wind being able to get under.

We shall see on the next windy day.

Might run a bit of sealant along the bottom edge if needed.

Finished that, packed everything away and had a couple of beers in the sunshine, lovely end to the day.
Moved the models out of the house and into the shed.
Whilst clearing some stuff out of my room I found an old camcorder so I thought I would give it a test and do a small tour of the shed as it is today. I have just been moving stuff out of my room down to the shed. I know I will have to move it all again when I put the Dado trunking up, but I want to get the layout sorted.

Oh and can you beleive it, this video has got a copyright claim on youtube for the song playing on the radio....Sheeeesh
Seeing as it was very windy today with an Easterly wind, I decided to check again.
Plan B seems to have worked.
Seeing as I had the camera out a quick tour of the inside. I have added another piece of racking and I have built some paint holders for the modelling section. This is all still work in progress working out where things will go.
The latest and last addition to my Bosch 12v tools. Once again the small size means I can easily use it one handed, which is a bit of hit and miss with a full sized 240v one. I bought the one with the L-Boxx as it also has the insert for the router I have. Not cheap, but I'm getting things whilst I am still working.

From DVS Tools Here

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