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Been busy in the shed this week. Worked till about 20:15 on this day.
Getting ready to cut the bottom cross supports. All the cross supports are from the off cuts for the bench top. I'm using a Trend clamp and guide which I have had for years, a very handy piece of kit for cutting sheet material.

It's now apparently called the varijig
Bottom cross supports cut.
Marking out for the pilot holes.
Pilot holes drilled and countersunk.
Bottom supports in position for one part of the bench.
A left over piece of flooring that I will use for the bottom shelf being notched out.
One bottom shelf notched out and in position. I had to add a centre cross support as there was a bit of a sag in the middle of the widest point. I was wondering if this would happen as I did not put an upright against the wall here as that would have hindered my movement as I would be banging into it all the time. Hopefully the bench itself will not sag as I will be adding a front support later.
Second shelf in position.
Front uprights in place.
Bench tops laid on top of one another so I can mark the cut.
Bench top cut.
And not a bad one.
Looks alright to me.
Getting ready to cut the top cross supports.
Top cross support notched.
Top cross supports laid out in position on bench.
Top cross supports in place.
Front support being held in place. I originally had cut some of the 18mm bench top into 2 x 50mm strips to do this, but the bench still moved if lent on in the middle, so I tried an off cut of the CLS and that worked fine. Just got to pop to Wickes and pick up another two and some streacher plates to anchor the top and bottom cross supports to the floor and bench top.

Well that's the whole of Friday night gone updating the site, time for a few more beers I think.

Also Just realised with putting the bottom shelves in I will not be able to use my under desk filing cabinets, Do'h.....

I'll find a place for them, or cut one part of a shelf out depending on how tight I am for space.
Started to Thermawrap the roof.
I set up a sort of template where I could cut the foil to a certain length. I found it easier to do one section at a time rather than trying to go all the way across from one side to the other.
Makes it a lot easier for me to remove the bench top with the top cross supports in place, I can just slide it forward and then grab the back and lift it.
A quick trip to Toolstation to pick up some streacher plates and 16mm screws. This branch is inside a Wickes so I also picked up another two lengths of CLS for the front bench supports. I used the streacher plates to fix the uprights to the floor, making sure they were at a 90 degree angle to the wall. This is where the offset head on the Bosch flexiclick comes into it's own. I could have just screwed the shelf to the cross supports to hold them in place but I wanted to keep the shelf so I could lift it up if needed. On one bench top I then attached some plates to the top of the support and the underside of the bench, making sure the upright was vertical.

Just after doing this I realised I meant to leave the top off so I could get to the window to put up some blinds......What a knob.
Bench back out, blind up and bench back in again.

Some more Thermawrap put up and the second blind installed.
Bench top back on, streacher plates fixed on front uprights to bench top and front supports in place.
Benches finished. You can see in this picture how much the floor is out, the bench is level.

Now to order some racking.

Still got some more Thermawrap to put up and keeping an eye on the roof as the weather is supposed to be pretty bad the next couple of days and the company still has not replied to any emails.
I went down the shed again tonight to do some more Thermawrap and clear up and move the stuff from one end to the other in preperation for the racking.

I said I was going to keep an eye out because of the weather.

Nine bloody leaks now and watch the video of the felt. The rain is obviously being blown under it.

Rang the company and they are coming around in a couple of days.

Oh and this is a picture of the felt rippled along the ridge.

Not a happy bunny.
A guy from the shed company came around to have a look, I showed him the video and he said "ah, looks like the wind is getting underneath the felt", no shit Sherlock.
He had to borrow my steps as he did not bring any even though he knew he was looking at a roof, this guy is not the sharpest tool in the box. Anyway he is coming back next week to fix a piece of wood over the back of the shed like there is on the front, this should stop the wind from getting underneath, so he says. He is also going to put some gunk under the first join on the roof. Whilst he was looking he noticed a rip in the felt on the front, which he gunked up and is going to cap it when he comes back. This I think must have been caused by a branch which fell of the large tree behind in the last storm.
The Mrs bought me a sign for the shed, har bloody har.
The racking arrived Thursday night so I have been building it on Friday and this morning. The corner unit had 2 supports missing which is why it is not complete. The company are sending out the parts to me.

Racking from eBay 5 Tier Garage Shed Shelving Racking Kit 1 x Boltless Corner & 4 x Straight Shelf | eBay

I think it looks rather good, there are another 2 benches to go in and a further 3 or 4 shelf units. That should be enough storage, keep the Mrs happy.

Now I have just got to get the Thermawrap finished, I need another roll, but Wickes are out of stock, I might have to get creative with a smaller sized roll.
Not a lot done today. Went to Toolstation to get 2 smaller rolls of Thermawrap. Went down the shed and moved the racking about so I could get to the roof, put the insulation back up, decided to do that as if I wait for them to fix the leaks it will mean I will be sitting on my arse doing nothing and I specifically had the week off work to work on the shed. I went to do the Thermawrap but it is a two handed job so I will need the wifes help, who was around the aunts. Looked around for other things that need doing and put some draught excluder strip around the windows. Thermawrap starts tomorrow.
A new member of my Bosch family. A sander, I have been after a cordless sander for a while and came across this with 3 different base plates. It's a bare unit as I already have several 18v batteries.This is for the summer when I have to spruce up the garden furniture which has taken a bit of a battering. Hmmm I feel another project coming on.

Purchased from Amazon. Here

Now it's going to cost me a fortune in sandpaper for it, about £45 from Axminster. One base I can use any old stuff I have around as it has a spring loaded holder, the other two do not and the Delta base (pointy one) is always handy to use for corners etc. The different grits bump up the price as they are only available in packs of ten, still this should be a one time purchase and will probably see me out. Now for a few beers.
I have the week off work this week so I can concentrate on the shed. Monday nipped to Toolstation and picked up two of the smaller rolls of Thermawrap, 600 x 7.5M. This had to be fixed a different way to what I had done with the others, landscape instead of portrait. This involved a bit of working out because of the roof supports. Once sussed it actually went on better and neater than the first I installed. The supports come for the corner unit, but sadly they sent another two short ones and not the medium ones I was missing, email to company sent.
Whilst taping the insulation I ran my finger along an edge, OUCH. A quick bit of kitchen roll and some of the foil tape that had caused the injury and voila a homemade dressing.
Tuesday. Today was the day to start clearing the old shed and transferring all the stuff and racking from that into the new shed and all the rubbish from the new shed into the old shed. First thing rain delayed play, but then when it stopped I was off. By the end of the day I was knackered and the new shed looked a lot different.

The £46 worth of sandpaper for my new sander also arrived, it all fits fine and should keep me going for years.
One whole unit is just filled with old locks from my lockpicking days, I have a couple of people that after some locks, so I will send some to them. I will also keep some so I can do a few new lockpicking videos for the site.
Now just trying a few different bench positions to maximise the space.
Wednesday. The supports for the corner unit arrived and they were the correct ones so I fitted them. Then I was summoned down my aunts to put up some pictures and work out why the kitchen door would not close properly. It was the carpet gripper, a few swift blows with a hammer cured that, yee har. Then back to the shed and swapped the top and bottom sheets on the bench as the top one was warped. I had to plane that down to fit in the bottom as for some reasom it was about 2mm too big. Then moved the bench and racking to a new position that I am happy with and moved the rack with the locks on to be more central and that was that. Tomorrow is the mammoth task of sorting out the garage. Not looking forward to that as it's a right mess, as a matter of fact I'm dreading it so much I think I'll have a few beers now. :)

Oh and ordered yet another piece of kit to join my Bosch family.
Forgot to take a picture of the new layout, I'll do that tomorrow.
Thursday/Friday. Started on the garage, First picture was how it was, a complete mess. Second picture is after 2 days of dumping stuff and moving stuff to the shed and it's still a complete mess.

This is a bigger task than I had thought and will take a hell of a lot longer.

A chap turned up to do the shed roof, a different guy this time. He laid another piece of felt over the ridge and down both sides of the roof. He forgot the rear facia board, so is coming back to do that. He did say he could not see how the wind was getting underneath it and the facia may not make a difference. He thinks the wind is hitting the wall and being forced up and under the felt. If that's the case I have a solution for that, but I'll wait and see.

He actually came back the same day when I was out and fitted the rear facia.
The new editions to my Bosch family. A 12v trim router. HERE

And a 12v 6.0 Ah battery. HERE

I already have a full blown corded router, but that is a beast to use on smaller stuff as it's a bit unwieldy. This one is lightweight, cordless and quiet. It will mainly be used for edge profiling.

The battery was purchased because it will deliver more power and run time than the 2.0 Ah ones I have at the moment and the router needs a bit of oomph. Bonus is, if I use it in the drill I can now stand it up like a normal cordless drill.
Right update done and it's a Friday, so I'll quoff a few beers and maybe play the new expansion of The Outer Worlds that dropped 2 days ago. If I do there will be a video in the gaming section.

Toodily pip.
I had a day of rest today as I'm knackered. I did have to go down the aunts and hang another 3 pictures and put a grab rail up, but that did not take long.

Another shed sign arrived, this time of my choosing and brass. It will go on the door.
Both signs now on the shed.

Having a bit of a rest from the garage as I really overdid it in the week off and am now paying the price.
And one more addition to my Boasch family. The 12v cordless saw.

Ebay - HERE

Purchased for the same reason as the router, a smaller version for smaller stuff, so I don't have to break out the big bast.
Also purchased a Trend 24" and a 36" clamp and guide, smaller and updated versions of the 50" clamp I have had for years. Again for smaller stuff.

Ebay - HERE
The page is getting a bit long again, new page HERE
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