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*All updates will be placed in here.*

First off I was expecting the GF to throw a wobbly when she got back from holiday and saw the cab, but all she said was "Well that hits you in the face when you enter the room" and that was that.....Phew......I have now put all the knives back in the kitchen. :)

Well I was thinking about a way to Mame the cab. I had read that there was a model 3 to JAMMA conversion kit but it was only available in Japan. I tried searching the web but I could find no info on it. I saw a Virtua Fighter 3 board on ebay and the seller said they had a model 3 to JAMMA harness's for sale, so I sent the seller an email but I have not heard back.

After asking a few questions about the connectors it seems they are non standard and italie on the boards suggested splitting the harness and inserting standard connectors so I could branch off and go to an I-Pac and ArcadeVGA card. This is what I intend to do. I have found some Molex connectors and pins on RS Components site and I will order them in the new year. Sod the crimper though, that is expensive.

I Bought a new fan and 2 new tumbler locks from RS and I have installed them.

The new fan did not make a difference to the noise or the screen waver, so that is something i will look at in the future to see if I can fit a lower rpm fan.

The other day when I wandered into Makro I found they had swivel bar stools on sale for £12.99.....It would be a shame not to..
*New layout*

Basically because someone was whining about having to use their scroll wheel and it seems the proggy I'm using agrees with them and would not let me update anymore. It's a conspiracy I tell ya.....

*Update* 28-12-05

Ordering Stuff

The connectors arrive, plus the crimpers and an argument.

The Crown Jewels arrive.

Hmmmm I spy.

The connector saga continues

Some samples it seems.

Twiddling thumbs.

More twiddling of thumbs and some wire.

Falls off wagon

Video harness gets underway.

Soldering skillz improve, but wrong bloody lead

Valentines day special.....Romance is in the air.....*Snick*

Gets impatient.....Joystick nightmare

New layout and It's teh end....*Sniff*

Video added of boot sequence
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