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This site was originally written years ago and is hosted on Mameworld

M.A.M.E for those that don't know is a Multiple Aracde Machine Emulator,
It plays the ACTUAL games that were in the cabinets as the Roms from the original machines are read and dumped.
If you want to know more about MAME Click Here

I have decided to rip my own site off to include here just in case Mameworld stop hosting it.
Also some of the pictures have rotated over the years because of software updates.
I do not have the FTP details to be able to correct this.
I do not still have the original photographs, so these are just ripped from the site.
I have kept most of the layout and same with the text colour and background.
I might give it a new look in the future, but just wanted to get it on here first.
I have annotated the text in certain places with updated information.

The site is very large and has quite a few pictures.
It has taken me 5 nights solid to rip the site off and put it here, I never realised it was so big.
23 pages with upto 56 rows per page. Sheesh. Still at least it's here now.

The cabinet sadly had to be broken apart again when we moved, during the move the monitor broke and had to be dumped.
The remainder of the cab is still in the garage, I doubt I will rebuild it, but who knows.

I hope you enjoy it, it's an insight of what I have done in the past.

Original introduction follows.

Well hello and welcome to this shoddy site
This was knocked up rather quickly and I have no idea what I'm doing.
So if the text or layout looks off....... Then tuff shit.
I tried that CSS bollocks but that gave me a headache.
This site mainly documents 4 days in December 2005
The stripdown and rebuild of a Sega Model 3 Cab
With a little bit thrown in about me.
I do ramble on a bit and there are quite a few pictures........
So anyone on dial up beware... ( Anybody remember that?)

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