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The Grumpy Gamer
One of my favourite games. I played the original when it first came out so when the new version was in the backing stage I backed it at premium beta. The game has a very steep learning curve but I stuck with it and used my HOTAS that I had originally bought for DCS A-10c and eventually led me to buying the Oculus Rift. I only used to play in solo like the original was, playing in open was a no no at the time as beginners were getting griefed by more experienced players and I had never played a multi player game before. I concentrated on hauling cargo to earn credits and upgrade the ship. Then bought a bigger ship and so it went on, it was quite a grind. I then heard of a group call Mobius which was a PVE group where attacking another player was not allowed, sounds good to me, so I joined. One night sitting in a station I got a message from another player (Dudley Dawg) which I replied to, we ended having a conversation about the game and what we were doing etc. This was the start of what was to become a wing in the game called the A-Team. The wing consisted of me, Dawg, Loriath and Tor. The 4 of us would just fly around doing stuff and having fun, we were all on Discord and we had some great times. We also used to report bugs to Frontier, we sent them so much data they asked us to stop :). All I can say is after dicovering multi-player and playing with 3 other people who became mates it adds a whole new dimension to gaming and is a great amount of fun, I have never laughed so much. After a few years though I suffered burn out with the game. I have not played in 2 or 3 years now. I might go back when they release the Odyessy expansion. You can watch some of our videos HERE

Looks like the "Odyssey" expansion will be released this month, March 2021, This brings planet based missions to the game and these missions are on foot, that should be interesting, unless they balls it up. I'll have to wait and see if it's included in my level that I backed. One thing is it's not VR, that means I will probably have to return to my old setup using the monitor and TrackIR which will be a bit of a pain to setup again. I'll also have to learn how to fly again and what all my buttons do. Hmmm might be able to incorperate the Stream Deck for something. I'll post a few videos if I do play it.
Grim dawn attracted my attention as it was in a sale by Humble Bundle or COG, I can't remember which. Anyway I looked it up and the reviews were good, but more importantly it reminded me of Diablo which was a game I really liked up until Diablo III that is. So I bought it and started playing it, it has so many options and things to tweak and skills etc that you can go really deep into if you like. I just skim the surface. I finished the main game and then bought The Ashes Of Malmouth expansion which I am currently playing. You can see some of my videos HERE
This is another game I love, a bit Fallout(ish) and a great game. I completed the original and then they released an expansion called "Peril On Gorgan". The trouble was if you had completed the original game you could not play the expansion, great move, not. I had to search out a previous save so I could get access to it. I done that and then completed the expansion. Today 17/03/2021 a second and final expansion has been released, "Murder On Eridanos" which I am looking forward to playing. Videos of gameplay will be HERE

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