Day Two - Orcs World

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Everything that was inside at the end of day one had now been cleaned. It was time to tackle the frame of the cab itself. I again spent a little time looking at the cab trying to figure out the best way to approach this. It was obvious a side panel would have to come off first. I removed all the screws from the blocks securing one side and the loosend the cam locks. Shit some are in the bottom. To undo them I had to tilt the cab backwards.
What bright spark put one there...
So a couple of the legs had to be removed. With that done and everything loose I hit the side of the cabinet......Nothing.....OK ....Dum dum dum dum.....da dum....da dum...Hammer time. I could not find a bloody hammer or a mallet so I used the rear of an axe. If it did not move I would have used the front. This cab WAS coming apart.

Anyway extreme axe wielding violence was not necessary, with a couple of hefty taps with the back of the axe the joints began to separate a few more taps here and there and a side was off..
I then worked my around the rest of the cab unscrewing and whacking..Top Off

Part of back off
More of back off.
Other side off....
And finally the front off...
The cab at lunchtime Day two
Time for a break..Cup of Coffee and a ciggie..*Slurp* ( I stopped smoking over 10 years ago)
I was very happy the way the morning had progressed and thankful that they had not glued the panels as well. I think they might have used a little bit, but not enough to cause me any problems.

I then transported the pieces inside.
At this point I had a little helper who just loved the wiring harness.....The little bast.. (Ozzy sadly passed away at 15:03 23rd December 2017)
I then began to clean the cab parts...Sheesh ...
The cleaning took a while and I used two full kitchen rolls and half a bottle of cleaner.
On coming to the control panel I noticed a great piece of repair work.. *Shakes Head*
I soon had that out, straightened the bracket out and fitted the new joystick I had found in the bottom of the cab. Using nuts and bolts I might add.

It was now time to put the thing back together....Hmmmm I wonder what's going to be left over.
The next sequence shows it going together piece by piece.
And finally how it stood at the end of day two. This thing is bloody massive. It looked OK in a big arcade, but in this room...kin ell the GF will shit herself and promptly remove my bollocks......Not looking forward to her coming home....

*Hides all kitchen knives*

Time to celebrate that it was actually in the house and onto Day Three
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