Day Three - Orcs World

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Ohhhhhh my bloody head....Celebrated a bit too much and now I feel like shit.
No way is the monitor going back in today, not feeling like this. That is one job I want to be totally sober and thinking straight for.
I guess I will just clean some more bits and pieces and do some easy jobs..

Ok Monitor brackets and speakers back in.

Time for the coin box to go back.
When I go to put the coin mech and door on, I notice that the hinge on the top door is broken. I did not realise before that it had a hinge.
A few holes drilled and a few self tappers and it's as good as new.
Time to put the marquee and the right-hand front panel on..
And here it is at the end of Day Three..
I has hoped to get more done, but I was feeling really ill..
The monitor goes in......Day Four
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