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Day One

I climb out of my pit, grab a tape measure and measure the door ways. Then it's off to open the garage and measure the beast.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.....

There is NO way this is going to fit through them. I thought I might get away with just taking the door stop strips of wood off and removing the door, but nope, even with them taken off the cab is still too big. The only way I would get it through is to remove the WHOLE door frame. This of course is a no no.

I inform the GF of this fact and ask if I could put it in the conserveratory. Well I learnt some new words....Sheesh......Force 9 gale in the earole...The only way I will be able to get it in is to strip it down completely into it's component parts, not a job I had planned on doing, but it should be fun and a learning experience.

Off to the garage to take this thing apart.

Having never owned one of these things before I spend sometime looking at it and working out what to undo. I drop the control panel first.
And then move around to the back.

The lower big panel is locked with a tumbler lock to which I do not have the key,
So I unscrew the smaller upper panel, lean in and undo the nut holding the lock cam in place and Voila......I'm In
A few nice surprises await me. I find the manual and see those green balls just below my pliers, they are old joysticks. On further investigation I find there is one brand new one still in it's bag. I also find £5.28 in money.

I have a quick look through the manual whilst having a cup of coffee and find out the monitor is supposed to be a dual resolution Samsung. This is a bloody big bonus as I thought it was a medium resolution monitor which would mean if I Mamed it I would have to use AdvanceMame (*Bitch*). So I return to the cab...Bollocks...

Seems like it's an Hitachi, I search around the web for any info on it but I cannot find anything. Someone on the boards tells me that is only the tube and to look on the neck board for the make.

No help there....Oh well I will start stripping it..The first thing I do is use a permanent marker to mark all the connections on the wiring harness..
With these all marked I decide to take the whole of the gubbins out first because this looks like it should just slide out. I disconnect the harness and the earths and pull the thing out..
This weighs a bloody ton and as you can see the cab is very dirty. I want to try and get all the electronics inside as quick as possible because when I opened the garage this morning everything was wet with condense and I want them to dry out in my room. See that thing still in the cab on the top left, I wondered what that was so I pulled it out...
Another nice surprise, I thought Neal had taken the validator out to use in another machine, but here it was hiding in the base of the cab.....Noice..Next I removed the two control panel side trims and the monitor bezel.
Then the speakers.
Then the control panel.
Then came the point where I began shitting myself. The monitor had to come out. This is a 29" Monitor ie BIG Fucker and I did not know the weight of it plus the fact that I was aware that if touched in the wrong place it was lethal. I undone the monitor securing bolts and then spent a good deal of time just looking at it and thinking shit if I fuck this up it's gonna hurt. I postioned the trolley behind me, put on a pair of gloves made sure there was nothing anything could snag on and gently pulled the monitor forward so it slid off the bushes and bolts and rested on the control panel securing bracket below it. Well it was now or never, I pukered my arse and grabbed hold of the monitor mounting brackets and tilted it towards me, this revealed the chassis which I grabbed hold of. I made sure I had a VERY tight grip on it because at this point my right hand is only inches away from that little sucker that carries da big wallop and as much as I would like to see my mum again I was not planning on it being today. So I have now got hold of the chassis and my arse looks like a pink polo mint, I slowly lift it off the CP bracket and on to the wood base.....This gives me a chance to gauge the weight....Kin ell this thing is feckin heavy. Right it's time for the big one.....with all my strength I lift the monitor so the tube is resting on my chest.. (I hear a popping sound O-o)and then swing around and lower it onto the trolley....the popping sound that I heard was my bollocks...... :)
I take a closer look and I see a label on the top. I clean this off and Oooohhh the monitor make and model number is revealed.
The cab now looks like this.....
I then remove all the monitor mounting brackets
As you can see the cab is held together with the cam-lock system with supporting screwed wooden blocks. This means it should not be too hard to come apart, as long as it is not glued as well that is.

Now I turn my attention to the coin box door....
I have no key for this and I do not want to jemmy it causing damage. I search around on the web to see if anyone has opened one of these before. I come across loads of lockpicking sites where they have a special lock pick. I fire out a question to one of my friends on the boards who is a locksmith and he says he has the picks but seeing as he is half way around the world it's not going to be much help, so try drilling it. Well see that ball bearing in the middle.....yep it's an anti-drilling device. I read you can grind them down with a grinder till the pins pop out, but I cannot find my mini grinder. The thinking cap goes on. I cannot pull the whole thing out because it is bolted from inside the cash box...
Hmmmm..... now if I could somehow get a hacksaw blade behind the lock I might be able to cut the cam retaining nut off...Lets give that a go.
Well I'm sawing away for a good 15 minutes, I'm working by feel only and the blade keeps slipping off but I can feel the lock getting looser and the door is moving back and forth. After about another 5 mins I insert a big screwdriver next to the lock and give the door some leverage.....Pop it opens.
You can see the numerous cuts in the lock, but the thing that done it was the backnut had come loose so I could wiggle the lock and when I inserted the screwdriver and applied leverage I only had to move the cam a small amount before it popped open. Now I could access the bolts.
I could not remove the coin box without taking the front side panels off, so I had to work out how they were attached. Four nuts behind the front held the key, so I undone those and with a hefty tug they came off.
These are metal by the way and they are heavy. No wonder the cab is one of the heaviest cabs around. With them out of the way I could remove the coin box.

And this is how the cab stood at the end of day one.
Notice the kitchen roll on the right......That was for when I removed the monitor....Just in case :)

All the electronics were now indoors.
And I spent the rest of the night cleaning the trims, bezel and other bits and pieces.

Well that was a good days work...Now onto Day Two
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