Day Four - Orcs World

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The fourth day....So far everything has gone well.

The first thing I have to do is put the monitor back in. I'm not looking forward to this because I had gravity to help me take it out and I have to defy it to get it back in. I delay the inevitable for a while and have a closer look at the monitor. Well now that's a bonus. I notice a jumper on the board that says "High" and "Low" on consulting the manual to look for the jumper markings I find it is indeed a dual resolution monitor. This means I can switch it to 15Khz and connect it to an ArcadeVGA card..Whooot.

Well I can't delay any further and I pluck up the courage to try and get the monitor back in...I move the trolley as close to the cab as I can.
Now I'm even more worried about my hand slipping when I lift it than I was when I was taking it out. On go the gloves and I grab hold of the chassis. I pause for several seconds making sure I have my hands in the right place and look around to plan the lift. I am now standing in front of the monitor with my hands over the top grabbing the chassis behind. I pause for a few more seconds then right here we go....Fuck me this IS heavy..I lift it so the screen is resting on my chest..bollocks the trolley is in the hefty kick later and that problem goes away. Now I have to lean back to get the bottom monitor bracket onto the cabinet....Jesus H Christ...I just about do it. I then take a small rest, brace myself again and lift it onto the control panel support bracket, take another rest and finally lift it onto the mounting bracket and over the plastic inserts. Bloody hell...I'm actually shaking......

Well I take a little breather and wait till I stop shaking....Kin ell my arms and back ache. After a while I recover and think right I'll get all the heavy stuff over and done with in one go, so I decide to put the guts back in it..
With all that back in I reconnect the harness.
That's all the heavy work over with, thank gawd. Time for the lighter work of putting the the trims and bezel back on..
Cock up time....I can't get the bezel to fit properly. The problem is the top of the bezel goes underneath the bottom of the marquee.....Bollocks..
This means I have to take the side trims off again to get the bezel off and then take the marquee off, which was one fiddely job to get on. Damn. So I dismantle the parts I have to and get the bezel to seat as it should.

Ta Daaaaaaa. All back in one piece. Now comes the bit I had been dreading, switching it on. I had already checked the earth continuity when I replaced the harness so I knew that was ok. Neil had said it was working when we picked it up but with all the jolting in the van and it being completely stripped down and rebuilt I very much doubted anything would work. So I got a power cord and an extension lead and connected it up.

Switch on time....I switched it on whilst standing outside the room....just in case there was a huge bang. I flicked the switch and.....

*Dances around room*


The bloody thing works.

Even the coin vaildator works. I'm smiling like a Cheshire cat now.

The one thing I do notice is the bloody noise from this thing and a slight waver in the picture. The noise is coming from the 120mm fan at the back which is above the neck board on the monitor. I think I need a cap kit but am advised it could well be the fan being old etc. I decide to disconnect it and try. With the fan disconnected the wavering greatly reduces, so I think I will get a new one of them. On looking at the fan specs it becomes clear why it is so noisy, it clears 161.4m³/h .....Kin ell..

Well I'm as happy as a pig in shit. That's that project over with.

Now to see if I can Mame it.

Oh and here's what my little helper thinks of the cab

Special Thanks in no particular order to

Bob Roberts
Bad Company
The Kaiser Chiefs
And of course
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