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Welcome To Some Random Stuff
I will endeavour to keep this site updated

Large parts of this site are under consruction as I am working on them in the background.
Check back often and check the updates page to see what I am working on.
That's me with a rare smile on my face, but a not so much rare beer infront of me. Born many, many years ago in South London I was originally a British Gas industrial and commercial engineer for 18 years. I was made redundant in 1995, took a year off and travelled the world and now work for the NHS as a manager. I have done a few things over the years as this site will hopefully show. I was an avid arcade vistor back in the day and have been into computers and games since the ZX Spectrum came on the scene. I have hand built my last 4 computers, latest one is a water cooled Ryzen box built in 2017. I was a drummer in a rock band for many years. I love to tinker with stuff and build things, the Arduino and Pi are great for that. I also have a 3D printer and a small CNC mill. I like building models and painting them, but have not completed many because I have run out of space in my room to do anything, hence the new shed. I will endeaver to keep this site updated with new things I am doing and things I have done in the past. I hope you enjoy a little insight into my world.
The Grumpy Gamer
I upload videos to YouTube of the games I play.
Click Image to go to Gaming page.

3D Printing
I was interested in 3D printing when I first heard of it, but the machines were really expensive. Years later the price has come down so I decided to take the plunge with a budget model. The creality Ender 3 Pro. Click on image to see the modifications I have done and some of the prints I have printed.
I like building models although I have not actually completed one yet due to lack of space.
Click on image to go to page. This page is under construction at the moment.
This is the where some of my projects reside. Some large and some small.
If you want to drop me a line use
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